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Participation Requirements

In order to improve general student participation in the team, requirements for team membership will be implemented for the 2009-2010 season, tracking activities of students from May 2009 onwards. Grades will be calculated immediately following ship date in 2010, and students who do not meet the criteria may not be able to fully participate in team activities. It should be easy for all team members to meet these requirements. Remember, academics take priority, and any student who is ineligible may not participate in the team regardless of their score in student requirements. A brief summary of the requirements is as follows:

50% Attendance

  • Applies to most full team activities: preseason meetings, build season meetings, kickoff, picnic, dinner, full team summer meetings, etc.
  • A simple raw percentage – meetings attended divided by total number of meetings.

30% Events

  • Consists of most other events – demos, fundraisers, parades, etc.

10% Extra

  • Organization and individual work related to robotics
  • Participation in individual subteam meetings

10% Knowledge of FIRST and the game

  • Quiz given in early to mid build season based on rules of the game, general FIRST knowledge, and subteam specific knowledge.
  • This quiz will not be difficult – everyone should be able to get a perfect score in this section easily.

A “passing” grade is a 50%, but students are encouraged to participate as much as possible, not just enough to get a 50%. It should not be difficult for any student to achieve a grade of 50% - attending half the meetings and participating in 5 hours of other events will allow a student to pass, assuming they ace the quiz on FIRST knowledge.

A student with a grade lower than 50% may not attend the away regional.

A student with a grade lower than 40% may not attend the RIT regional on Thursday or Friday. A student with a grade lower than 20% may not continue to be a member of the team.