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2010 : Breakaway

Breakaway SM is played on a 27 by 54 ft. field with two teams of three. Each end has two goals color-coordinated to the alliance that needs to score in it. The field has two bumps that take the whole width of the field with a tunnel in the middle of each. On top of these tunnels, there are towers that have bars to hang from. Each alliance will shoot soccer balls in to those goals. For 15 seconds, the robots will run by themselves in an autonomus mode period, trying to score or block other robots from scoring. After the 15 seconds, human pilots come to the controls and continue playing for 2 minutes, trying to score as many points as possible. Additional bonus points will be earned for each robot suspended in the air and not touching the field at the end of the match.

Robots Specifications:

  • Dimensions at start of game 28" x 38" x 60"
  • Max. dimensions during last 20 seconds of game not to exceed 7' in diameter or 90" in height.
  • Weight not to exceed 120 lbs., excluding batteries and bumpers.

Game Play Rules:

  • Robots may not possess more than one ball at a time, but they may herd and kick multiple balls at a time. Balls must remain in contact with the floor while in robot’s possession.
  • Alliances must return scored balls to the field quickly.
  • Only one robot at a time is permitted to play defense in front of the opponent’s goals.


  • Ball in goal ...1 point
  • Robot hanging on tower ...2 points
  • Robot hanging from another robot ...3 points