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ChalkRaiders our popular fundraiser for Fairport Robotics will be available in the Spring 2018 for Graduation
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Class of 2017

Name (Last/First) Sub Team Years on Team Status  
Jacob B. Drive-Train 2 Uncommitted   
Julia B. Outreach Uncommitted   
Jonathan D. Structures 2 Uncommitted   
Hannah D. Competition Uncommitted   
Trenton G. Structures Uncommitted   
Noah G. Software Uncommitted   
Nick L. Electronics 1 Uncommitted   
Nate L.  Competition 2 Uncommitted   
Eric L. Electronics Uncommitted   
Mason M. Flagship Uncommitted   
Orion M.  Structures Uncommitted   
Katie T. Drive- Train Uncommitted   
Isabella Z. Software Uncommitted   
Daniel Z. Competition 2 Uncommitted